Australian Blue ReviewAustralian Blue is a very potent hybrid strain that is 90% Sativa and 10% Indica. The origins of this outstanding ganja is a find blend of Blue haze with the famous Australian Duck X. This herb packs a powerhouse punch with a THC level’s ranging from 15-20%. I find this to be a very uplifting high. Sometimes a feeling of nostalgia overcomes me. At times introspective but always a positive vibration prevails. Coated with snowy white trichomes and blue hairs, this is unique in every way. Moreover I always feel relaxed and energetic at the same time. This fine doobage also help’s to spark creativity as you will see in this Australian Blue Review.

Australian Blue Review

I was toking some fine Australian Blue and staring at the stars. This brought back nostalgic yet strange memories of my most peculiar upbringing. Unique to say the least. When I was a baby my parents brought me on a Walkabout in the vast Outback of Australia. It was on the fifth night when I was snatched away by a wild pack of Dingo’s. My parent’s were devastated. They thought a Dingo had ate me. Little did they know a troop of Kangaroo’s rescued me. I was brought up in the pouch of my adopted Roo mom Becky and my dad Carl.

Life changing

I soon outgrew the pouch and was hopping about with the other joey’s grazing on the vast plains. So after 10 years I was reunited with my real parents and learned the realities of human life. So I’m proud to say I’m about to get my degree in economics from the University of Arizona. I play basketball for U of A, the couch is astounded at my jumping abilities. Nobody knows of my past or why I hold my hands to my chest. I sneak out of the dorm at night to go hopping around the soccer field. This is an urge I can’t resist. I have a girlfriend who thinks I should not wear a fanny pack. What can I say ? It makes me feel comfortable as it were .

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