Dr. Dabber has really produced a game changing vape pen with their new Aurora Vaporizer. If you like vaporizing essential oils or THC you need look no further. This is truly a next generation vaporizer pen. As someone who has used just about every vape pen on the market, I can honestly tell you that this is as good as it gets.

This vape pen has swept the vaporizer world by storm. It’s no wonder it has won so many awards. Aurora has every imaginable extra and the latest state of the art innovations. If you enjoy vape pens for discretion and portability, but you also demand high performance and quality, then you need to read our Aurora Kit Vaporizer Review.

Aurora Kit Vaporizer Review – Specs

The most important spec is the magnetic design. The Aurora has only magnetic connections. This insures the user a seamless experience. This means no more threading, no more unscrewing and no more hassle. You also get three meticulously calibrated heat settings which is pretty special for a vape pen. It really helps to enhance flavour for different consistencies. As if three heat settings weren’t enough, you also get three different atomizers. These are great if you like to switch up your vaping experience. I like wax, oil and flowers. So, you can try out what works for your needs.

Aurora Kit Vaporizer Review 1Someone Call Me a Doctor

Dr. Dabber is the last doctor you will ever have to see. And it’s a doctor that you want making house calls. This vape pen is the most advanced on the market. The reason it is winning awards is due to its signature “low heat” technology. Then of course there’s the Snap Tech Magnetics, the multiple heat settings and the multiple atomizer options. And we haven’t even talked about the sleek and sexy, satin design, the portability or the discretion.

Choices So Many Choices

Most vape pens are push a button and that’s it, not the Aurora. The Aurora gives you multiple atomizer options. This gives you multiple vaping options. A Dual Quartz Rod with Quartz Dish is great for oils and concentrates. A Dual Ceramic Rod with Quartz Dish is ideal for waxier oils. And finally, my favourite, a Ceramic Halo Heater with Quartz Dish for lower viscosity oils and concentrates. You also get mouthpiece options. A sweet ceramic mouthpiece is included that is designed for ergonomic fit and optimal airflow. And there’s a very cool ceramic shotgun mouthpiece which helps airflow and prevents clogging. Top it all off with a nice silicon wax container and loading tool and you have the Aurora Vaporizer Pen, the best one you will ever own!