Auntie Dolores Chili Lime Peanuts Medical Edibles ReviewAuntie Dolores does not fool around in the kitchen. Once she gets that apron on, you had better stand back. Her roasted peanuts are the best in the business. She only sells the highest quality fresh, vegan and sugar free products. Her nuts elevate the medical edible market from ho-hum copy cats and mass producers, to that of the most discerning tastes and particular users and patients. Allow Auntie Dolores Chili Lime Peanuts Medical Edibles Review to satisfy your snack urges while healing both your spirit and your body.

The market is plum full of edibles in just about any form you can imagine. I have had much more than brownies and gummies. I have tried chips, popcorn, breakfast cereals, teas, ice creams and more. But I can honestly say, nothing beats a good handful a fresh peanuts with a frosty cold beer.

If I work my ass to the bones all week and get home at 5 PM on Friday afternoon and my wife sticks a beer in one and some Chili Lime Peanuts in my other while giving me a fat kiss on the mouth, I am one happy boy. If you can do better than that my good friends I defy you. Please do.

Auntie Dolores Chili Lime Peanuts Medical Edibles Review

Grab yourself a can of 50 mgs of THC peanuts today for around $39.00 dollars. Now that may sound expensive. And actually it is. However, you get more peanuts with the lower dosage. This also vastly improves taste as the THC level is far lower in each individual nut. I hate potent snacks where two bites of something knocks you on the floor. I want to satisfy my hunger as well. Aunt Dolores knows this. One can has about 5 servings.

Chili Lime is a very tasty, protein rich choice of mid day snack. Peanuts are really great for your health. Also the chili lime flavor is all natural, no harmful chemicals or additives. Auntie only uses real chili powder, lime juice, garlic and coconut oil.

You can trust your good Auntie to care care of you. She makes these cannabis peanuts with love and compassion. Happy Munching!