sexy queen vapingThis is a small but powerful dry herb vaporizer. At only 3.5×1.5 it easily and comfortably fits right in your jeans pocket. It is uniquely designed and delivers amazingly huge vapor clouds. It feels really sturdy in the hand and has very cool dual air vents on either side. This little portable passed my first impression review. But would it pass my Atmos Vicod 5G Vaporizer Review? Well, let’s find out

Atmos Vicod 5G Vaporizer Review

First, the sweet ceramic chamber holds up to 0.5 grams of dry herb. I love when a compact portable holds a good amount of bud. Having to open and repack in public can be a real nuisance and kind of kill the idea of discretion. Just look at the pic courtesy of

The Vicod comes with 2 mouthpieces. One is plastic and the other is sturdy high grade glass. There are two small up and down buttons for temperature control. You simply push the up and down buttons and change the temp by a single degree until you optimize your vapor.

vaping girlThe vapor is powered by a nice 2200 mAh lithium polymer battery pack that will give you about an hour and a half of vaping time. I always love when my kit includes a USB charger as I hate to have to find a hole in the wall for power when I am already sitting at my laptop. All that power and a 5 year warranty for under $140 dollars is really quite a deal. Look at similar models in this price range. You will be very hard pressed to find a better deal. The Atmos Vicod 5 G might look small but it performs big. Don’t let its 3.5 x1.5 inch design fool you.

 Vicod 5G More Specs

Overall, the Vicod is very easy to use. A high quality OLED display does all the work for you. The mouthpieces tend to get a little hot. This is due to the fact that heating element is so close to the top. Using the glass mouthpiece solves this problem.  However, for portability this is not great, as glass is very fragile. I never take the glass mouthpiece out if I am not in my car.

The highlights for me are that Atmos has created a portable vaporizer in an affordable price range. I do not mind exchanging a bit of quality and vapability if I can cut my costs. Most of my readers are usually looking for good deals. And, I have found from my feedback that most vapers are like myself, prudent. Any serious vaper will have an expensive desktop at home that they use regularly, So, really what is the point in throwing down hundreds of dollars on a portable if you can get a well functioning portable for a decent price.

Atmos Vicod 5G Vaporizer Review – Value

vaping girl armyIn conclusion, the Vicod is not the best vaporizer. I have used better. It is however, a very well crafted machine. It is affordable and durable. The performance level is, what can best be described as, “above mediocre.” But, that is not to say it is sub par. It is not. It just does not perform as well as the much more expensive models.

The downsides are few and do not break the deal. I am happy with my 5G. Although, I am not a fan of cleaning. And, the Atmos Vicod 5G vaporizer requires frequent cleaning to optimize performance. The glass mouthpiece is very fragile. Most glass parts in any vaporizer are going to be fragile. But this is a portable so you will need to be careful. Lastly, if you are vaping with friends you will find that the mouthpieces get hot and sticky.

Overall, the Vicod is a good deal. The price is right. And, mostly I think it really suits the newcomer. The ease of usage is a big selling point as well. For those reasons, I give this Atmos Vicod 5G Vaporizer Review my stamp of approval.