Army Intelligence Coffee Marijuana Edibles ReviewBuckle your boots and grab the big guns for our Army Intelligence Coffee Marijuana Edibles Review. This 80 mg cannabis infused coffee will give you a great jolt at roll call in the morning. Drink up a hot cup of dark roasted caffeine, head out the door and you will be ready to out run a fleet of tanks. This 5 Star General will lead your morning march to victory. Drink up Soldier.

I sure could have used a kick like that when I was in Boot Camp. If you’re a Veteran you know exactly what I mean. You drop in bed at night and every bone in your body aches. If the military gave us come of this coffee we would have been far more productive, with far less aches and morale would have been super. But, no that is not the US Army.

We did however, smoke pot when we were on weekend leave. But that was very risky. Getting caught meant a dishonorable discharge. Poor Eggman, my bunk buddy decided to smoke. They tested him. Luckily they didn’t test me. I am a lucky guy. He failed. They kicked himĀ out of the Army. His life after that was a string of misfortunes up until his untimely suicide. The Eggman was a really great guy. But they discharged him, unemployable and depressed. He had no access to medical edibles back then. After failed super market robberies and a failed marriage he did 3 years in the can. He got out. And picked up a Heroin habit for his pain. That too is the US Army.

Army Intelligence Coffee Marijuana Edibles ReviewArmy Intelligence Coffee Marijuana Edibles Review

If you are the wake and bake type of soldier like me then you like a strong cup of coffee. Have a dark roast brewed with spices that are blended by hand. If you are a stay home Veteran sipping on your cup of coffee all morning will bring you incredible relief and relaxation. The caffeine boost will energize you. The combination is great if you have things to do but suffer from body aches. If you have mental issues drink up and enjoy a euphoria with some pep. An 80 mg cup is perfect for all morning long sipping.

So, life is a series of battles. And the battle field is always changing. But it’s not about winning the war. It’s about moving forward. Army Intelligence is something you want to have in your footlocker. Go conquer the world.