Amsterdam THC e-Liquid has baked up an oven fresh, tasty treat indeed! Apple Pie THC e-Liquid is a savoury delight that will have your taste buds doing back flips and your tongue slapping the back of your head with pure slobbering happiness! This is great for anytime of the day. You will be baked as the pie while enjoying it’s scrumptious ambrosia. Basking in a sea of peaceful sweet bliss. Let me elaborate a wee bit more in this Apple Pie THC e-Liquid Review.

Apple Pie THC e-Liquid Review

Apple Pie THC e-Liquid Review 1To begin, I found myself in a troubled state of mind, much to my chagrin, My dog had called attention to the absence of our beloved garden slugs. There were three families. Though, we all really thought of us as one big happy family. With great sadness I pondered where they could be.  As luck would have it, I stepped in front of a speeding truck. When I regained consciousness, I was staring at an Angel. With a voice like a shooting star she asked me how my full body cast felt. I explained to her that besides having broken 34 bones and being suspended by pulleys, I was ok.

Later my Angel nurse Misty gave me a present of Apple Pie THC e-Liquid. Vaping was frowned upon in the hospital. We however vaped discretely. This incredible e-Liquid put  me in a place I always wanted to be. The recovery took half the time. What aided was the e-Liquids calming qualities, And with just a few tokes, it tantalized my senses. Misty brought a bass heavy sound system. Chill vibes filled the room everyday. We ate pizza and vaped some Apple Pie THC, then ate more pizza. These are my most fond memories I can remember. Marriage is now in the cards for us ludicrous lovebirds. We are calling it an engagement.

Wedding bells

We know what we are having for desert at the wedding. None other than Apple Pie THC e-Liquid that enhanced our romance six ways to Tuesday in the first place. I’m happy to say my dog Doug has landed a tour of the Pacific Northwest doing his cat impersonations. Doug also enjoys Amsterdam’s finest. He has attributed his Siamese voice to the inspiration of the e-Liquid. Also Amsterdam e-Liquid has helped ease in the recovery of his bunion surgery. Excuse me while I limp over to the lounge chair for some absolutely awesome Amsterdam Apple e-Liquid. The future looks good especially with the return of my Garden Slug family. Hold onto your hat’s Seattle here we come!