Apollo 13 ReviewThe now retired Grimm are the masterminds behind this outstanding and somewhat rare finds. This fine cannabis has its origins from the super strains Genius and P75. This has been produced from 500 seeds of the original stock.This magnificent strain will have you feeling like an astronaut and take you to your very own space with it’s energizing and cerebral effects. So with it’s 18% THC this Sativa will produce a lively happy feeling and is great for social situation. Apollo 13 produces euphoria and an uplifting feeling. This happy herbage has a fruit, citrus with a hint of earthy taste. Moreover a perfect Sativa for the outdoors as you will see in this Apollo 13 Review.

Apollo 13 Review

So as an experienced skydiver I found in quite a precarious situation. My four friends and I, along with my super girl Shuga went skydiving about 15 miles west of Boulder Colorado. We were in a Cessna 182 at 10,000 ft when we jumped. With over 200 jumps to my credit, this was quite routine with perfect weather and blue skies. I jumped and was hurtling  towards earth at 150mph.

Pure Luck

So at the last possible second I pulled my ripcord and to my dismay it did not open. I quickly deployed the emergency chute which also did not deploy. I thought it was certain death for me. So I must have had a horse shoe up my ass, as I fell through glass roof of the Puffy marshmallow factory and landed in a vat of freshly baked marshmallow’s. So I crawled out with no more than a few scratches. I went outside and had a few tokes of Apollo13 which made me relax after this harrowing experience. I was very lucky. What were the chances ?


In conclusion Apollo 13 also has some very good medicinal uses, such as a reduction in anxiety, depression, nausea, pain and loss of appetite. You will enjoy toasted marshmallow’s at evening campfire after a smoke of Apollo 13. I know I do !