The boss came in today, threw a small pouch of weed on my lap and said, “Peter write an Angola Roja Marijuana Strain Review.” I happily replied, “Sure thing Boss!” I then promptly left to go do my “research.”¬† And research I did. This rarest of marijuana strains is almost impossible to find anywhere. It’s origins are a mystery. However, it is believed that Angola may be the Mother of the red strains of South America.

Sexy black selfieAngola Roja¬†rocks. My “research” led me to a favourite quiet stop along an empty beach. I only took four hits out of my Hero Vaporizer. Four hits was three to many. Man, was I ever blitzed. So, I abandoned any idea of returning to work and let the wind blow me down the coast with a very big smile on my face. I sat under a palm tree practicing my acceptance speech for best album of the year at the Grammys. I don’t have an album. But it was fun pretending.

Angola Roja Marijuana Strain Review

The first thing that struck me about Angola Roja was the smell. I have smoked 100’s of strains in my long life. Nothing smells or tastes like Angola Roja. It has a heavy musky aroma that smells like a forest after rain. There is a hint of chestnuts as well. This is a really weird but nice flavour. And the high was off the charts. I got a total body high of a good Indica coupled with the silliness and laughter of a strong Sativa. And it lasted for the entire day.

Angola Roja is an ancient sativa strain that was already flourishing in Angola long before the Portuguese landed there in the 1500’s. These days marijuana is highly illegal in Angola. So the chances of getting any out of the country are extremely limited to none. My Boss is a very wealthy powerful man with business associates in Angola. Even then I don’t know how he pulled it off. But I got to smoke some. So I asked no questions. I got to enjoy a strain no one has ever even seen. That was pretty cool. Thanks Boss!