Angel Heart is a mix of Mango Haze and Afghan Skunk, This Sativa dominant hybrid  strain is very adaptable. A herb that grows well outside or inside hydro grow. This bodacious bud produces a very sweet candy like aroma. the taste is a rich piney smokey flavor. After just a few tokes you will experience a nice cerebral and body high. I find it is a very social also very happy herb that is great for get for parties so of course live music. Also I find this spurs creativity. You will see this in this Angel heart review.

Angel Heart Review

Two weeks ago I woke up and had a strange premonition this was going special day. Little did I know it would be a day that would stick in my mind forever. After breakfast I toked a nice bowl of Angel Heart and headed off to work by a Runrun rickshaw. I arrived at my company Wonder Widget to find my secretary Spanky Buttons in a tither and also a nervous tick.

It seems like our whole companies computers had been hacked. So everything was at a stand still. All the machines were at a standstill. So it was so strange It was not another country or rival company involved. I was rushed into my office to find a cryptic message on my computer. It was the only one working in the whole building. The message read. ” We are the Zordon’s from the Andromeda Galaxy and we demand 10,000 Wiggly Whomper Widgets. 

model white underwear with angel wings

Just imagine

With two pounds of Angel Heart herb”. Moreover message went on to say if these demands were not met they would send to each employee contact a terrible crotch rash. Also with no cure your genitals would itch like a million mosquito bites at once.

So needless to say it did not take me long to round up the weed and also the widgets.  So when I got home I smoked a doobie and wrote all this down. Even the part about the delivery.