Amsterdam Mist is a fine herb from the Flying Dutchman. This is a mix of Afghani, Northern Lights, Haze and Indian Sativa. This cannabis packs a punch. A cannabis bud that is covered in a nice frosty array of white trichomes. This is quite new and I was very impressed as you will see in this Amsterdam Mist Review

Amsterdam Mist Review

Amsterdam Mist ReviewI was in Amsterdam and was sitting looking over the weed menu when I spotted Amsterdam mist. I asked the waiter about it and he told me it was great. Also he said it was very powerful and you did not need much. Wow was he right ! It only took two tokes and I was in Pleasantville. After about an hour of eating snacks and listening to some great tunes I hopped on my bicycle and took a long ride through the beautiful streets with it’s many canals and bridges.

The people are so nice here and it’s great you can stop if you like and have a smoke at the many coffee shops. The openess of cannabis laws draws a lot of tourist’s from all over the world. This brings a lot of moolah to Amsterdam as you can see the same effect in Colorado. This is just the beginning I believe and it won’t be to many years before other cities across the world follow suit. The variety and quality is outstanding these days and is only going to get better. My last night in Amsterdam took me to the sex museum. All I can say there were things in there that would make Larry Flynt blush !



This uplifting and happy herb will leave you feeling energetic. I would not try this at night because it kept me awake. The is one fine herb that you will love. It also has medicinal purposes such as for pain, stress, depression and fatigue.