Ambrosia Ice Cream Marijuana Edibles ReviewAmbrosia is the food of the Gods. That is what the word literally means. And if the Gods have a favorite food it is most certainly Ice Cream. Nothing beats a cold delicious ice cream cone. And nothing you do today will make you happier than reading our Ambrosia Ice Cream Marijuana Edibles Review.

It’s hot day. Your throat is dry. And you want to get high. But you don’t want to light that dry throat on fire and inhale hot smoke. What are your options. Well, you can eat a gummie or brownie. Or you could pull out a high end bong with ice capability. But what if you’re not home? How about a creamy cold ice cream cone. Oh yea, that makes sense. Ambrosia Creamery figured it out.

When I got my first tub of ice cream I was super excited. I had to go seek out ice cream cones. I couldn’t find the big browns ones anywhere. So, I had to actually go to an ice cream store and buy just the cone. I did. And I paid way to much. But it was well worth the expense. Because when I got home the wife had her work friends over. And they were grilling burgers in the back yard. Well, daddy had the dessert.

Ambrosia Ice Cream Marijuana Edibles ReviewAmbrosia Ice Cream Marijuana Edibles Review

This medical edible from Ambrosia will make your back yard barbeque legendary. Their hybrid cannabis ice cream really cools off the party, literally and figuratively. Make sure the kids don’t see. Although I did give some to my dog. What a blast it was watching him run around the yard, chasing imaginary cats.

One good scoop will pack about 30 mgs of THC. It also packs creamy cool goodness. There are so many options these days when it comes to using cannabis. But you would be hard pressed to find a more satisfying or fun way than an ice cream cone. So, bust out the cones and cool off people!