Amazing is hardly a sufficient word to describe these THC e-Liquids being produced by Amsterdam THC e-liquid. These Canadian master craftsmen produce the highest quality product on Earth. Their prodigious line of THC e-Liquid cartridges and starter kits are unmatched in the cannabis industry. These formidable e-Liquids are to be exalted as the very best of the best. Everything aboutĀ Amsterdam THC e-Liquid is absolutely top shelf from the farmer all the way to your electronic cigarette.

A Bit About The Folks At Amsterdam THC e-Liquid

Amsterdam THC e-Liquid is “the premier” Canadian e-Liquid company. For years they have produced some of the world’s best e-Liquids for vaping. And now, once again, these groundbreakers are leading the charge in the new and booming THC e-Liquid industry. No one does it better, no one. These guys and gals do it all. They start with the highest quality, locally grown organic marijuana. Moreover, they only use their own licensed growers. Quality control and consistency is the mantra, as is the love they put into each step of the creative process. You will feel the love the first hit you drag off your e-Cig.

From the farm, the plants are taken immediately to the lab, where they apply professional supercritical CO2 extraction. This ensures the absolute purest THC oil possible. You can not get a better THC oil than that. This is then blended with only the highest grade premium VG and PG base liquids. If you choose their magnificent fresh Strawberry flavour you can be sure that they only add FDA food grade flavourings. It’s simple. When you use the finest of ingredients and apply the highest quality and processes, the end product is sublime and unflawed.

Amsterdam THC e-Liquid Is Healthy And Discreet

The future has arrived, my friends, in more ways than one. First and foremost, vaping is the only way to go. But of course, you can smoke and eat edibles. However, if you’re looking for the purest form to medicate or recreate, vaping is it. THC oil eliminates all of the 100’s of chemicals found in the cannabis plant. So, you only get what you need. More than that, by vaping you eliminate all the unhealthy aspects of eating and/or smoking. Smoking pot creates carcinogens. You are inhaling carbon monoxide and tar if you’re smoking joints or hitting the bong. And edibles are laced with sugars and fat and who knows what else. You no longer need the calories or fat or cancer-causing elements to get high. You can take one 5 second hit off your e-Cig and be done.

Then there is the discretion aspect, which I just love. You can get high or regulate your medication anywhere, anytime. Vapor is virtually odourless. Moreover, vapor dissipates in a matter of seconds. There is nosecond-handd smoke. There is no odour. You take your hit and put your e-Cig back in your pocket and no one is more the wiser. I bring mine to church. Hey, don’t judge me. Jesus loves me. He invented this wondrous plant. He wants me to be high. God Bless.

Another great benefit that furthers your discretion is that you don’t need to carry around bulk. Edibles are only good for inside the house. You can’t lug brownies and cake with you to the bar or a concert. And a bag of weed is stinky and cumbersome. Plus you need papers or pipes. And it stinks. You have zero chance of being discreet. Amsterdam THC e-Liquid has solved all of these problems.

What Do I Get?

You get a typical eJuice cartridge that goes right on your battery. The cartridge is 510 threaded compatible with almost all standard e-Cigarette batteries. It fits on my Kanger, my eLeaf, and my eStick without a problem. You can purchase a 75% THC cartridge with 0.8ml for $79.99. Or, if you don’t vape and don’t have an e-Cig battery, Amsterdam THC e-Liquid offers a sweet and complete Starter Kit for only $109.99. It will be the best 100 bucks you have ever spent in your life. You can high dozens of times of one cartridge. Also, the kit also includes a nice USD charger. So, you have everything you need.

Amsterdam THC e-Liquid comes in flavourless and awesome Strawberry. I love both. The flavourless THC is great for discretion. But I love Strawberry. It gives my hit a little extra pizzazz. And the only thing anyone can smell is fruit, which fades in less than 3 seconds. You can also pick up a THC e-Liquid atomizer on their website. This really ups the game as you get really great personalized air flow, a vertical ceramic coil and large oil intake valves. Amsterdam e-Liquid does it all. So, if you’re ready to boost your game into warp speed give Amsterdam e-Liquid a try. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.