Altai Bons Bons Marijuana Edibles ReviewIt’s date night. And you want to make sure you get her tonight. You have a romantic movie already downloaded. And you’ve made a nice dinner. How can you guarantee a home run? Well, read today’s Altai Bons Bons Marijuana Edibles Review. And worry no more. Once you pull out these Award Winning Bon Bons she will melt faster than the sweet caramel in your hands.

If you are like me, you make meticulous preparations when you have a young girl coming over the house for dinner. We all know a romantic dinner is very nice. But that’s really not the point. Is it boys? Of course not. It’s all about what happens after dinner that matters.

So, the question is, how do we up our odds? Well, I have two tricks that work for me. The first is a killer dessert. The second in cannabis. There is no better dessert after a  romantic dinner than a gourmet Bon Bon. And nothing breaks that uncomfortable tension better than getting stoned. Altai has got you doubly covered. I hope you bought eggs and bacon for the morning.

Altai Bons Bons Marijuana Edibles ReviewAltai Bons Bons Marijuana Edibles Review

You don’t take third place in the World Cannabis Cup unless you are worthy. Altai is worthy. They use only the finest ingredients right down to the Mediterranean sea salt. Add some silky caramel and milk chocolate. Then top it off with a dark chocolate shell and you will be getting lucky tonight.
They come in 10 mg and 25 mg THC sizes. I prefer the 10 mg because I want to eat at least three. However two is more than enough to get the mood going.
 The name Altai comes from an ancient Serbian princess whose tomb was found after 2500 years. She had vile of cannabis with her. That just goes to show you, they knew then what we are still fighting for today. Pick up some Bon Bons today and win the fight.