Almond Roca Marijuana Edibles ReviewI love the Nutty Baker. And I really love a great Almond Roca. How can you not like a chocolate covered almond butter crunch hard toffee with THC? This 100 year old desert treat just got a 65 mg THC upgrade that makes our Almond Roca Marijuana Edibles Review one you will definitely want to read. And then it will be one desert you are going to have to have at your next dinner party.

As far as taste goes these are tops. I really didn’t want to share them with my friends. But we decided to invite over our obnoxious neighbors anyway. It was a mistake. Shelly and Gordon live on our street. They are very nice people and great neighbors. When we moved in to our place about 4 years ago they were the first people to come over, introduce themselves and give a a really great gift basket of wine and cheeses.

Since then we have become pretty good friends. However, they are a bit annoying. Shelly loves to smoke pot and eat medical edibles. Gordon is basically just a drunk. But I like to drink beer and get high so if I spit my time between the two of them the night is usually pretty nice. It’s nice until Gordy hits his 10 th beer then the fighting starts. Shelly is usually enjoying her cannabis so it’s basically him giving her a hard time and her fending off the assault. As a result we don’t hang out that often. In fact, when they came over I let them use my Hero Bong and the wife and I kept the Almond Rocas to ourselves. And boy were we happy we did.

Almond Roca Marijuana Edibles ReviewAlmond Roca Marijuana Edibles Review

The Almond Roca first appeared in the great State of Washington around 1923. It has been highly sought after by the very wealthy ever since. But not until The Nutty Baker began infusing THC did we have a this wonderful marriage of decadence and medicine.

You can find them online for around $8.00 dollars. That is a great price for four little Rocas that hold 65 mgs of THC. I suggest eating a half of one. 30 plus mgs is more than enough to set off into the mellow and happy night.

The ingredients are pure and simple. The Nutty Baker uses sugar, almonds, chocolate and vanilla with some whey and cocoa powder. Mix it up and bake until ready. Yum!

We hope you enjoyed our Almond Roca Marijuana Edibles Review. So, for a really good treat that results in a nutty night, talk to the Nutty Baker. Tell him Peter sent you. Maybe he will throw in an extra Roca!