Alien Stardawg ReviewAlien Stardawg is a product of the fine people at Green Beenz Seeds. So this great cannabis hybrid is a Sativa dominant which is a mix of Alien Kush and Stardawg. This delicious cherry tasting herb has multicolored buds that display hues of blue, purple and green. An all around nice high which provides energy and spawns creativity as will be revealed in this Alien Stardawg Review.

Alien Stardawg Review

After my tragic accident practiising the trapeze with Rubber Woman while working in the Binkly and Bunkum Circus as a giraffe washer. I crashed on my head and spent 10 month’s in a coma. Later found I had no compensation because I was not washing some Giraffe’s balls. It was a must to find a job quickly. So I took a position as a bus boy at The Haunted House of Pancakes that was a recreation of the Munsters house. Moreover everyone that worked their were dressed like Vampires, Werewolves or Frankensteins.


It was very strange indeed ! For it was customary for patrons to dress alike. So it was hard to know exactly who worked there. People would bring their children for breakfast, so there was plenty of little monsters running around. Total mayhem and disturbing to say the least. Where did all these freaky people come from ? Then I recognized my doctor from the hospital dressed like Dracula. I thought should he not be at the hospital ? … it was only Tuesday ! It was just to much to handle.

So I unscrewed the bolts from my neck, took off my flat head wig and handed my apron to some werewolf in the the kitchen. I staggered over to the park across the street in my giant shoes. Sparked up a spliff of Alien Stardawg and watched the pigeons fornicate and my troubles faded away. I later when on to become the Tiddlywink champion of the world and made my parents very proud !

Stress Relief

Besides relieving stress Alien Stardawg gives you and creative, energetic and happy feeling. This fine herb can be used medicinally for lack of appetite and depression. It sure helped me !