Before you read our Alice Wonderland Marijuana Strain Review you might want to take a few hits off the bong. Have you ever read the book? Lewis Carroll penned this seriously drug induced adventure way back in 1865. And he was a mathematician not really a writer. If you haven’t ever read it and only know Disney or Jonny Depp versions, you must go get the book. It will blow your mind. It is weird. And its the most drugged out story ever written.

I mean there is even a Hookah smoking Caterpillar. Not only that Alice eats the “magic” mushrooms that sets her on an “adventure” of bizarre colors and crazy characters. None of this could have possibly come from the mind of math guy if he weren’t flying high on some sort of mind altering substance. 

The theories are that he used at least opium and obviously magic mushrooms, as he mentions them in the book. We do not know if he smoked weed or not . But not to fret because we now have Alice’s strain.

Sexy Brunette Blue Bikini Sun BalconyAlice Wonderland Marijuana Strain Review

This is a really awesome marijuana strain. I really liked the name and could not wait to try it out. My initial thoughts were that it would be very trippy stuff.

Well folks, I wasn’t let down. Trust me. This stuff leads to extreme sensory elevation. And at the same time I felt very relaxed and no paranoia at all.

I usually get a bit paranoid no matter what type of weed I smoke. Alice is a Sativa strain. It is thought that Willy Wonder Strain is the parent.

So, It wasn’t the least bit surprising to discover that Alice is famous for its therapeutic value. It is especially good for depression. Users claim to feel high levels of wellbeing and overall happiness while smoking her.


Alice Wonderland Marijuana Strain Review – Summary

So, if you live a stressful life or suffer from depression Alice will help you. Be careful though once you go down the rabbit hole you won’t be back until you have had an adventure yourself. Just don’t get your head cut off.