Aleda Transparent Rolling Papers ReviewI am all about transparency when it comes to putting things in my body. Aleda’s Rolling Papers are not only transparent. But they are all natural and ecofreindly. I love that I can help the environment and my lungs at the same time I am getting stoned. That is what made me want to do a Aleda Transparent Rolling Papers Review.

We were on a hiking and camping trip in New Hampshire a few years back when I discovered these great papers. There were four of us on vacation for a week. I was excited to set up a tent somewhere on river and have fun. Also, I was looking for the relxation you simply do not get in the big city. I bought a nice fat bag weed. And we headed out.

As city slickers we knew very little abot about actual camping. But I knew how to make a fire and cook a steak. So I felt I knew enough. We trekked deep into the woods for about a half an hour. OK , so not too deep. I was here to relax and get stoned not to cross the country on foot. We found a cool spot. I set up the tent in about a half hour and sat my ass down.

But I forgot to bring papers. I was so frustrated. Until Margie, who was unpacking her things made a remarkable discovery. She had borrowed her brothers back pack and found a pack of Aleda Papers. Life was good again.

Aleda Transparent Rolling Papers Review

Aleda Transparent Rolling Papers ReviewAleda manufactures a real sensible and healthy choice rolling paper. They only use all natural and highly injestable ingredients. The transparent papers are made with wood celulose, water and glycerin. Amazingly they burn evenly and don’t canoe. I learned that while floating in my transparent canoe the next morning.

ALedas don’t just look cool and invisible. They also do not require any gum whatsoever. You just lick wherever you want to stick. Very Cool. And that is really all there is to them. There’s nothing fancy and no gimmicks. Its all just about a good healthy smoke in a fun transparent paper.

Aleda Transparent Rolling Papers Review- Final Thoughts

If you find your self up the river without a paddle, no worries. As long as you have a pack of Aleda Papers everything is going to be just fine. Just make sure you don’t pee near the river and get a snake bite on your ” wee wee.” But if you do, make sure one of your hot girlfriends immediately sucks out the poison. Happy Rolling.