Alcohol VS Cannabis – One Federally Regulated One Not. In these changing times there is debate and some confusion on the federal level with laws and rules concerning cannabis and alcohol. Everyone is now looking to California regulations for cannabis licensing on the federal level.

As a matter of fact, it will only be a matter of time before all 50 states will have legal cannabis. What a lot of people do not know is that marijuana is still illegal on the federal level. In fact, marijuana’s deemed a schedule 1 drug by the Controlled Substance Act. Heroin, cocaine, meth and also other hard drugs classify as schedule 2 drugs, which is less dangerous. Nothing could be further than the truth. This specifically means no research by the government for medicinal properties. These archaic regulations must therefore change for people, state and the federal government to benefit from legalization.

Alcohol VS Cannabis – One Federally Regulated One Not

Alcohol can be a dangerous addictive intoxicant, yet it is legal. In the days of prohibition when alcohol was illegal, organized crime took over. People who wanted a drink could always find one at many secret bars. The same holds true with the prohibition of marijuana. Alcohol is federally regulated and taxed. Individual companies are taxed with the resulting product taxed. This generates billions in tax revenue for the federal government. The current American administration is threatening to remove legal status from states that have legalized marijuana.

Why is This The Case?

Federally, they intercede and repeal any decisions concerning marijuana with states, though the people of the state voted for legalization. It is ironic that an addictive substance such as alcohol is responsible for thousands of health problems and deaths each year. The cost of abuse of alcohol in the United States is $249 billion per year. In the work force, alcohol effects productivity and efficiency. Hangovers are a major cause of missing work or not performing at your optimum ability. Drinking and driving has also caused millions of vehicle deaths and injuries.  Domestic violence due to alcohol abuse has also resulted in broken families and misery. According to the New York times 80% of inmates were under the influence of alcohol or hard drugs at the time of their incarceration.

There are very few cases of violent crimes with marijuana use. Moreover, there are no documented cases of death with the use of marijuana. But if you have a job that requires being alert, being stoned may not be as productive. You do not want a doctor operating on you while under the influence of marijuana. Artists, musicians or writers may benefit from the creative aspects of marijuana. Bob Dylan received the Pulitzer Prize for writing. Learning a new song on guitar while drunk is not a good idea.

The government has been hesitant in marijuana reform. The reason for the most part is money. The government makes a lot of money from alcohol. Marijuana is a threat to alcohol consumption. Money is the only thing the government cares about. Don’t think for a minute that the government cares about your health. They do not.

There is a Solution

Studies have shown that marijuana smokers drink less alcohol. This is one of the main reasons cannabis is not federally regulated. The majority of Americans are in favour of legalization. It will only be a matter of time when this will be the case. The United states has to look at the progressive county of Canada which will legalize marijuana on Oct 17. Here is perfect template for federally controlled responsible cannabis consumption. Imagine the tax revenue from cannabis sales. Get out and vote. Cannabis indeed deserves the federal regulation that alcohol currently enjoys.venue from cannabis sales.