ATF also known as Alaskan Thunder Fuck is legendary. A nice Dominant Sativa.This super satisfying herb is a mix of Afghani and Russian Ruderalis. So this herb gives the toker a relaxing yet strong euphoric high. Also the buds themselves are robust with a beautiful coating of white crystals. Very aromatic with pungent scent of lemon, pine and skunk. Moreover an uplifting herbage that is energetic and can stimulate appetite. I will explain a bit more in this Alaskan Thunder Fuck Review.

Alaskan Thunder fuck Review

It was early one morning when I had trouble starting my vintage 57 Chevy convertible. So I looked under the hood to find my carburetor was full of grape jelly and a large green squirrel was playing a rusty old blues harmonica. Perplexed to say the least I was. I lowered the hood just as my neighbor Edith Kravitz called me over. The problem was her husband Ralph had wrapped himself in Christmas lights and would not come out of his Leggo dog house he had built and slept in out in the back yard. I told Edith to get the deep fryer going so I could deep fry some Twinkies. I knew this was the only thing that could coax him out without dismantling his fine structure.

Life is but a dream

The smell alone finally drew him out much to his wife’s delight. It took me about an hour to untangle the lights and remove his Alice Cooper makeup. Wonderful Edith made tea and we all sat on the front porch eating our tasty pastries.Then sat about talking about current events. Ralph tried to join in the conversation but found he could only speak a northern dialect of Mandarin. Much to our surprise. Moreover Ralph was dumbfounded because he was not Chinese. It was then I woke up and realized it was only a freaky dream. I needed to relax so I sparked up a spliff of Alaskan Thunder Fuck. Which helped a great deal to relax and go back to bed.


Alaskan Thunder Fuck is one of those fine herbs. Very good in the treatment of fatigue, depression, loss of appetite, pain, headaches and stress. Surely one of my favorites for stress and relaxing.