Who’s up for a funky 420 review!? The Agent Orange Lacquer Review by Dope Nailz to be exact! Nail polish infused with THC is something that I didn’t think would ever happen, because why would anyone!?

The moto for Dope Nailz is “Puff Puff Polish” and what a cute moto indeed! The woman who started Dope Nailz goes by Carter. Her last name, as she is a bit of an undercover. Her past stints working as a guard has past inmates still interested in finding her. As well, she did some time overseas in Iraq. While serving time in Iraq, Carter found that self-care was something that calmed and soothed her. Something about the act of painting her nails had the same calming effects as say, smoking a joint did. Dope Nailz states that self-manicuring is the best way to boost one’s confidence along with aiding in anxiety, depression and pain relief.

Agent Orange Lacquer Dope NailzAgent Orange Lacquer Review by Dope Nailz

Now, I found it quite difficult to find a direct answer whether or not there’s actually THC or CBD present in the nail polish. Their website states for best results to light up a fatty to let your creativity flow prior to painting your nails. And on their FAQs section, the website states that THC infused lacquers are only sold in dispensaries to those 21 and over. While CBD and Hemp infused lacquers are old to those 21 and over. Although it’s unclear how much THC or CBD is in the lacquers. One has to think that there has to be some kind of content blended in. But then it is odd to find that they ship to Canada, the UK and the US if there are any cannabinoids present.

The strain Agent Orange itself is a fiery hybrid accompanied by fantastic uplifting effects. Crossed between the strains Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper, Agent Orange will delight the sense with a full-bodied aroma of fresh cut citrus and oranges. Coloured with a deep maroon and purple, Agent Orange distinctively stands out amongst the usual sea of green. The perfect strain for those feeling lethargic or a little down. Now if these effects actually pass through the nail…I can’t tell. Following their instructions, I sparked a fatty to let the creativity flow. So now its been over an hour…and I can’t tell if I feel mellow from the hoots, or from the nail polish? From my experience, Dope Nailz is more of a novelty product rather than a legit THC/CBD product.