AfterLife Marijuana Strain ReviewWelcome to the AfterLife. Leave all your sins and worries behind and enter the Pearly Gates of today’s AfterLife Marijuana Strain Review. This perfectly balanced hybrid of 70/30 indica will have you floating in the clouds with new wings. And the 24% level of THC will have you singing hymns of praise to the Creator for bestowing such glorious gifts upon us mere mortals.

Have you ever had a near death experience or been to the after life? I have. When  I was vacationing in Jamaica years ago I had a very spiritual experience. We had been smoking pot all day long, and I mean fresh off the hill, real Jamaican weed, with real Rastas. Well, night fell and everyone started singing and dancing.

They handed a big joint just for me to smoke. Rastas do pass joints around, everyone gets their own. That is just the way it is. As a result I was stoned out of my head. I left my body. And I was literally (or at least it felt that way) floating around in the stars. An enormous feeling of calm and peace overcame me. I thought I was dead. And I was very OK with it. I had reached the after life and it was good.

AfterLife Marijuana Strain Review

AfterLife Marijuana Strain ReviewExotic Genetics came up with sweet and powerful strain by crossing GhostRider OG with Starfighter. The balance is a perfect 70% sativa and 30% indica. Also, the THC level vary anywhere from 19% all the way up to a staggering 24%. So, as a result.if you smoke enough of this you’ll  find yourself couch locked. And if you smoke to much you might actually achieve that after life.

The high is surprisingly calming and relaxing for such a powerful strain. I find that have 10- 30% more indica than sativa make for really great strains. The body gets the majority of the benefit. But the sativa is just enough to create euphoria without the paranoia that acompanies most sativa dominant strains.

AfterLife is a great day or night strain when used moderately. And the taste is really unique. There are sweet hints of honey and watermelon that make After Life taste great. The whole room gets filled up with a candy like aroma. Lastly, this is great medicinal strain as well. So over all AfterLife gets high marks across the board.

This is a strain I like to smoke and pop on some gospel music and revive my soul.