African Strain ReviewAfrican Queen arrives it’s name from it’s mother Space Queen from British Columbia and it’s Sativa dominant father Durban Poison. Which originated in South Africa. This Herb is very very flavorful with rich tastes of tropical fruit, earth and skunk. this produces a a strong body high.  Color of these buds are very dark and are covered densely with white trichomes. Take a look at this African Queen Review.

African Queen Review

As it were 3 years ago I set forth to climb the snow capped mountain Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The mountain is a dormant volcano and rises to the height of 16,000 ft. It was on my bucket list. So I thought it a good time to check it off.I secured to capable guides,Twin Pygmy brothers Burt and Erie Bindoona. I had not much room in my tent so I thought the pygmy’s were a good idea. Plus they had climbed the mighty mountain over 200 times. So we set forth from base camp early in the morning and climbed half way up by 5;00.

What an adventure !

We set up the tent and settled in for the cold night. We drank hot tea, ate wildebeest burgers and played Chinese checkers and tic tac toe for a few hours. The pygmy’s have an affinity for tic tac toe and i never won a game. We completed the assent the next day. The feeling I had reaching the summit was exillerating to say the least. I’m glad I brought my hamster hair sweater because it was very cold. Moreover I was glad to have brought some African Queen herb. So the three of us had a few tokes and took in the astounding vista. We also observed a group of Yeti’s having a snowball fight just below. What an adventure ! Something I will never could have imagined.

African Queen cannabis is used medically for the treatment of various conditions including nauseas, arthritis, depression, migraines, Crohn’s Disease and Parkinsons. In conclusion this is one happy herb. That should not be missed.