Afgoo is a fine mix of Afghani and Maui haze. This cannabis has a relaxing yet uplifting effect. Also induces a creativity and is very good for the creative and the artistic people. This cannabis is usually grown hydro but it also grows quite well in tropical climates such as the Caribbean. Being a musician I used this strain on various musical projects. You will see in my Afgoo Review.

Afgoo Review

I was a drummer in various bands for many years and after my band The Pipedreams broke up, I took a job as the drum tech for the very popular Slugnuckles. This band was one of the most high energy groups I have ever seen. The lead singer Slinky was super fine in her catsuit and banshee like wail. She would drive the crowd into a frenzy. Before they went on stage I always had a few tokes of Afgoo. This would send their sound over the top. Also one of the loudest bands I have ever heard. I had to wear earplugs even though I was on the side of the stage.


The security had to be tight because quite a few times riots would break out and people would rush the stage to try to get at super sexy Slinky. One night Tom Tom the drummer got ill with a bad case of whooping cough. It was like a dream come true when the band asked me to fill in. Because I knew the songs so well I did a good job in front of 5000 screaming fans. After the show we had a big party and Slinky gave me a huge doobie of Afgoo and a kiss on the cheek. I was on cloud 9. Moreover I felt blessed and overwhelmed by the experience, one that I will never forget.

Afgoo has many benefits that include uses for Pain, depression, stress and nausea.