Afghan Blue is a very relaxing herb. With very sedative effects this is an excellent choice for late night. A mix of Afghan and Blueberry. This fine Indica also induces severe munchies, so make sure you have plenty snacks around. From personal experience I can tell you I mase the mistake of without snacks. I ended up eating eating moldy Limburger cheese with pancake syrup. So be prepared ! The Afghan Blue buds themselves are full and plump. The taste is a mouth watering fresh berry taste. The aroma is hash and earthy like. These are beautiful buds covered in rich trichomes. Quite a delight to behold and toke. I will tell you more in my Afghan Blue Review.

Afghan Blue Review

Lately I was on one of my many adventures, this time to Russia. I was exploring small towns and taking in the sights when I took a wrong turn in my trusty Lada. I was lost completely. Moreover I had run out of gas. I walked a few miles and inadvertantly entered the abandoned radioactive town of Chernobyl. I started to freak out and lit a spliff of Afghan Blue to relax. All of a sudden I was attacked by giant mutant squirrels. They started to bite my legs with their huge yellow teeth. I think they were after my nut’s ! I managed to somehow climb a rusty ladder of a water tower. They were coming after me though so I had to think quick.

Helpful Herb

So I threw down chunks of my precious Afghan Blue. The giant rodent’s quickly ate it all. The seemed to forget about me then. I sat on top of the tower watching them climb down and start playing volleyball in the park near by. I climbed down and met with an old lady who had one huge eye in the middle of her forehead. She handed me a can of gas and a bowl of glowing red soup ( which I politely refused ). Finally I made it back to Moscow and flew home. I know the radiation had an effect on me. Because now my feces are bright blue and I have more fingers now. I don’t let it bother me though. Now I just smoke some AB and forget about the whole thing.