Affogato Chocolate Bar Marijuana Edibles ReviewIf you enjoy medical edibles you need to read our Affogato Chocolate Bar Marijuana Edibles Review. The Affogato by the guys at Incredibles is chocolate bar perfection. 300 mgs of THC make this edible one of the best of the best.

There are now countless ways to ingest marijuana. They have drinks, candies, pastries and more. But nothing beats a chocolate bar. And as far as chocolate bars go you would be hard pressed to top the Affagato.

Although that is not to say there aren’t other great chocolate bars out there. There are. I love Hashman. I wrote a review that you can read here. I also love Terra Beans. Read my review for them here. But today, let’s look at this delectable creation.

Affogato Chocolate Bar Marijuana Edibles ReviewAffogato Chocolate Bar Marijuana Edibles Review

Affogato is an Italian word which generally means espresso. And this bar is aptly named. The espresso bursts with every crunchy munch. It also adds wonderfully to the high. After about 45 minutes I got a real energetic boost. And the high was very subtle but really relaxing.

What really sold me on this, aside from the potency, was the taste. The Affogato is one of the very few edibles that I have tried that had zero cannabis taste. Many times I have tried gummies or brownies that taste like I am munching on a dry herb bud. That is a big turn off for me. But the Affagato has real caramel. And it has crunchy espresso beans that really treat the taste buds.

The bar is sectioned off into six little parts. Trust me, one is enough. If you are new to the medical edible world you will want to go slow. Even one piece is too much. Try a half of one piece. 25 mgs is pretty substanial, even for the seasoned user. Overall for taste and potency you really can not do any better.