Acorn Strain is the perfectly mastered hybrid. Be careful your squirrel friends will be after your acorn. The sativa and indica share a perfect split and the THC level is very powerful. It’s as high as 26%. Also, the buds resemble fat little acorns. And these little acorn buds pack all of natures power in a small space, like today’s Acorn Marijuana Strain Review.

I am reminded of a house I rented. For 3 years I lived on the island of Martha’s Vineyard in the woods. It was a fantastic 3 years. I had just gotten out of a long term relationship with an evil woman. Therefore, all I wanted to do was be alone, smoke weed and heal. I accomplished all 3 of those things.

Acorn Marijuana Strain Review 2

So, I would spend the entire day naked walking around outside my house. I would wake and bake each morning and listen to nature. It was very spiritually healing in every way. The first floor of the house was all glass walls. I would wake up with a joint in my mouth, make coffee and watch the deer run away. Also, I liked sitting out on my porch and listening to the rustling of leaves.

Although, I had to stop doing that. That is because the damn squirrels kept stealing my herb. I remember our joke. We would say, the squirrels live on acorns and weed. Now, I live on acorn weed. Oh, the irony.

Acorn Marijuana Strain Review

Like nature’s acorn this strain is perfectly balanced. The THC level’s nicely matched with the sativa and the indica strains. This hybrid is the result of combining unknown strainsĀ and sometimes known as Snowbird. Either way it is obvious that the lineage is that of the OG Kush family.

The buds really do look like little acorns. Also, the orange hairs are actually deep amber. They run throughout the bud. Moreover, the stuff comes covered in gorgeous white trichomes. The taste is kind of like that of an acorn, very earthy and pine scented.

Of course Acorn is perfect for mental issues due to the sativa and THC level. But it is strong. So, be careful. Or like a real acorn, you’ll be stored in your house until spring. Otherwise, this is a really great strain for any user. Try it. I do, everyday.