Ace Of Spades had me floating on a sonic highway far above the clouds I was sitting on the deck of the pirate ship which we were being captive. I had just finished a nice spliff of Ace off Spades. The pirates were sleeping peacefully sleeping on hammocks beside the lifeboats. The happy herb proved to do the trick with it’s relaxing in a euphoric mind-bending quality. It gave me a different way of handling the precarious situation. An Indica dominant strain from  TGA Subcool Seeds. This berry and citrus tasty spacey treat also inspire as you will see in this Ace of Spades Review.

Ace of Spades Marijuana Review

Ace of Spades of Review

As I revealed in my Big Wreck Review myself and six gorgeous swimsuit models escaped from the desert island. Then we were captured by pirates. We were not alone as there were 2 others couples from 3 different captured yachts. As luck would have it these hapless pirates had never had any herb in their lives. So Ginger and Mary Ann made some nice Ace of Spades brownies from Mr. and Mrs. Bringleklink’s stash. The ravenous pirates ate all the brownies and stared out space for a while looking at the full moon. They then started laughing and one by one fell asleep on the deck hammocks.

Ace of Spades Marijuana Review 2Escape

We quickly took their weapons and tied them to their beds. We then all smoked a giant spliff and ate grilled cheese sandwiches and revealed at our brilliance. The pirates never even tried to escape because we gave them brownies every morning and played a pan flute CD. We sailed into a bay in Samoa a few days later and turned the scallywags into the police.

We were treated like heroes and were given a lavish tropical beach party. The swimsuit models put on a show of local Samoan Bikini’s. So it was quite a happy ending. Ace of Spades played an important role in the escape. Quite an amazing story I must admit!