ACDC Marijuana Strain ReviewIf you are on the Highway to Hell we have a solution that will shake you all night long. This ACDC strain will Rock and Roll you. Our ACDC Marijuana Strain Review looks at this sweet sativa dominant phenotype. So, if you’re looking to get Thunderstruck we have got you covered my heavy metal head banging friends.

My first real concert was the ACDC Back in Black tour. It was life changing. We went to the Boston Garden in 1982 on a Rock n Roll bus run by the local rock radio channel WBCN. I snuck 5 joints in the hood zipper of my leather jacket. We smoked a couple on the bus on the way.

When we got there security searched us but found nothing. We sat in the 8th row and I sparked one up. Angus Young saw me and smiled. That is a true story. Oh and more funny was that there were four 80 year old ladies in the row in front of us fighting over a joint. The band would have been proud. I am so glad one of my favorite bands has a strain in their honor. Lets Rock.

ACDC Marijuana Strain Review

ACDC Marijuana Strain ReviewHere you can get your Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. ACDC is a dirty little strain that in reality does rock. Its a strain of Cannatonic. And it has some of the highest CBD levels of any strain known to mankind. This is what makes it one of the best medicinal weeds available.

The high level of CBD takes away the psychotropic properties. This means patients do not get high. That is a big deal to people like my Mother or other senior citizens. They want to relieve that pains of what ever ailes them. But they don’t want to feel drugged. That is what makes ACDC special. The strain is hugely popular with people suffering from epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, cancer and many other illnesses that cause physical pain.

ACDC Marijuana Strain Review – Final

So, if your day to day life is full of Hell’s Bells get some ACDC. Yes, it is a long way to the top if you want to Rock n Roll. But this weed will help get you there. And so, For Those About to Rock, I Salute You.