Acapulco GoldAn Acapulco Gold review with some high THC! Acapulco Gold along with Maui Wowie are two of the classic classic strains from the groovy 60’s which every Cool Cat and Kitten and Hippies wanted to get their lungs on. Today Acapulco Gold is truly a southern sensation ! If you are lucky enough to find some of this happy herb you will be delighted with the results.Go find some, what are you waiting for !

This marvellous Mexican strain of classic Sativa with THC levels of up to 24% was a pleasure to review. Also it sets in motion an uplifting and energetic high. Long lasting and vibrant. Creativity and euphoria abounds. You will find this after just after a few minutes ! Also, it is an excellent long lasting high for putting your favourite tunes on and getting something done … or not ! Any which way Acapulco gold has a fine way of lifting your spirits high and is recommended.

Review Is In! Why You Should Smoke Acapulco Gold

Feeling down in the doldrums because of the everyday stress of life? Anxious because of the thought of tuna casserole at your mother – in – laws next week? Moreover, originally cultivated in the hills around Acapulco this herb quickly grew a reputation as one of the most sought after. Also was a crowd favourite at the famous Woodstock festival in 69. You can Youtube It if you were not.  You can find this found at medical dispensaries in your area.Also popular in coffee shops in Amsterdam and of course cool cool Colorado !

Acapulco Gold’s buds are deep lush green with beautiful golden highlights. Also with an earthy pungent sweet taste with a hint of honey. It won’t dry out your mouth like other strains. A true original this Mexican marvel was even mentioned on Saturday night live in the early 80’s. When hosted by Desi Arnaz . The famous Cuban actor and husband of Lucille Ball. In the skit he says how much he enjoyed the special cigars the cast gave him as a present: “I had never heard of the brand before: Acapulco Gold ( ” And as soon as we pass it around , We’ll be right back ” ) … Try it yourself and you will be right back to where you always wanted to be ! Do it now. Go, and then come back and read more reviews like this Acapulco Gold review!