Abusive OG Strain ReviewIf your looking to erase the day, go no further. This powerful strain is called Abusive for a reason. It will abuse your memory. But no worries as you will discover in today’s Abusive OG Strain Review, its all going to be OK. If you dig Indica you have come to the right place. You smoke this and your day will start off in a haze then melt into a body numbing afternoon you will hopefully remember.

I was in Los Angeles on a business trip of the nature I shall not disclose here in a public forum. Needless to say, I have some friends in “high places” if you get my drift. I was fresh back from a holiday on the sweet isle of Jamaica. And I was in need of something above par. Three weeks lazing on a beach in Negril, jamming with Rastas, has a tendency to elevate your threshold a bit. And this was just the case after my Reggae and pot infused month.

I was in need of something more powerful than the average OG Kush. And that is when a certain friend who shall go unnamed but is a famous rap star you may know, introduced me to Abusive. Well, I can tell you Folks, the boys in Kingston ain’t got nothin’ on this strain. I was knocked on my Mutha Grubbin ass.

Abusive OG Strain Review

California had cornered the market with OG Kush. You would have to be a Nun to not have heard of this strain. This Indica strain, Abusive, is cut right from the cloth of it’s predecessor. And true to it’s line, it is strong, earthy, lemony and very relaxing. Abusive is a classic and will likely be so for many years to come. More than extreme relaxation it also is uplifting and has nice euphoric elements. The best part is when the initial head trip wears off it moves deeply into the body for just a perfect day. The only thing this strain abuses, is anything that abuses your bliss.

Abusive OG Strain Review

This strain is one of the most relaxing weeds I have smoked. But it also just as famous for pain. This is one of the most popular go to medicinal herbs for anyone suffering pain, from cancer patients to professional football players.

Overall, this weed is the best I’ve ever smoked. This is for both relief of body pains in complete harmony with relaxing the mind and clearing out any and all worries. The only draw back is serious dry mouth. So, get a case of beer. Put on the TV. And forget about it.