A - Train ReviewJump on board the A – Train and settle in for a smooth nice ride to the corners of your mind. Your body will soon follow into a relaxed and soothing sensation. Nice version of Train Wreck from Afghanistan which was developed in the 60’s in northern California. Now mixed with Mazar this provides a nice balance of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. Mazar itself came in second in the 2009 High Times Cannabis Cup. Take a look at this A – Train Review.

A – Train Review

A – Train Herb has a sweet fruity smell with hints of skunk, hash, mint and lemon. You just need a couple of tokes to put you in a relaxed state of euphoria. A- Train weed is an excellent choice for socializing or getting outdoors for long walks or a day at the beach. About a month ago my girl Shuga and I went to Huntington Beach on a Saturday afternoon. We hooked up with some friends and had a few tokes of some A – Train. What a great day ! The sun was shining, the music was playing and the surfers were surfing. A – Train is a very well balanced herb mix. We still had lots of energy for beach volleyball and swimming. Quite a few surfers were toking too, which is part of the culture. I mean what could be finer than sun, surf and some delicious doobies !

Smooth Ride

With THC levels from 14% to 18% this a fairly strong herb, but because of the even Indica / Sativa mix this Hybrid puts you on a even playing field of relaxation and energy. A – Train hybrid is one of the perfect herbs for relaxation that I have come across. A great stress reliever. Moreover it also is great for those people that have trouble with appetite suppression due to illness. In conclusion I can only say this definiately one of my top ten. Go to the station and get on board the A – Train, you won’t be disappointed !