9 Pound Hammer Marijuana ReviewHammer of the Gods do we have a strain for you today. 9 Pound Hammer has Herculean levels of THC at 23%. Your body will be moving like MC Hammer after you start feeling the 80% indica dominance. Moreover, the experience will have your body drifting calmly through Misty Mountains up to Mt Olympus and back. Please allow our 9 Pound Hammer Marijuana Review to nail you to your couch for the next few minutes. I think it will be well worth your time.

The first time I ever smoked pot we put on Led Zeppelin’s first album. I was never the same. Both of those events, my introduction to marijuana and the birth of my love for Rock n Roll have altered my life more than any other events that I have experienced. 30 years later I am still an avid music fan and an everyday pot smoker. My love for Led Zeppelin has faded a bit. But my love for good weed has not.

My love for good marijuana has lead me to become an avid smoker, collector and the obvious reviewer. I have been fortunate to try many many strains. And now  I can honestly say 9 Pound Hammer really hits hard. I love the sensation it delivers.

9 Pound Hamer Marijuana Strain Review9 Pound Hammer Marijuana Review

First, let’s talk about family. So, the parents of the big Hammer are Hells OG, Jack the Ripper and Gooberry. Also this is a pure indica. At 80% strong you will get mostly body effects. This strain is fantastic for relaxation and stress.

But not to worry if you’re looking for a happy and uplifting high. There’s two reasons for that. The first reason is the 20% sativa. 20% is a sufficient level of sativa to put a big smile on your face. And then there’s reason number two. that would be the THC levels. How’s 23% sound. That is one of the most potent levels you can find anywhere on the planet.

And finally the taste. 9 Pound Hammer is berry berry tasty. There are hints of pretty much the entire berry family. Also, I even tasted grapes. So, the hammer brings the power and the taste.