707 Headband Review707 Headband is one of my favorites. As you might have guessed I have quite a few if you must know. This is a strain from DNA Genetics that is both heavy in body and head high experience. The THC is level is 15%. Physical and auditory hallucinations have been reported and I can attest to that. Moreover this happy hybrid herb is also very relaxing and euphoric. The bodacious buds are beautiful bright green and are bursting with bubbly frosty trichomes. A novice should take heed because this is one trippy stone. This strain helped me a lot as you will see in this 707 Headband Review.

707 Headband Review

There was a time I was working a few years ago at the shipping docks in Long Beach California.¬† My obligation¬† was in charge of checking shipping containers before they left for far off lands. I accidentally got trapped in one loaded with cases of ramen noodles, rice cakes and cream soda soft drink. I yelled for help and pounded on the sides for help, but to no avail. So I was loaded on a ship and sailed away. I was frightened to say the least ! As luck would have I had a bag of 707 Headband weed with me. Weeks turned into month’s in the dark lonely container. I had little friend with me a wharf rat that I named Doug. Who along with me would munch on noodles, rice cakes, and cream soda mixed with the msg powder from the soup packets.

Three month’s later they opened the container in Taipei. I was white as a ghost and my teeth and eyeballs had grown to three times as big. The doctors said it was the msg. Mentally I was fine because of the supreme greatness of 707 Headband. Which which kept both Doug and I sane. The only thing that bothers me now are my bright blue feces. A wee bit disconcerting as it were !

Herbal Health

Various ailments can be helped with this herb such as arthritis, asthma, AHAD, pain, headaches, migraines, muscle spasms and nausea.