3X Crazy Marijuana Strain ReviewThis amazing strain will make you 3 times crazier than any other you may have ever smoked. This is a powerful Indica dominant strain that has great flavors and super medicinal properties. The high is great. But be careful if you are out of the house and smoke this stuff. You’ll be so high that the only way home will be the psycopath. But hopefully not too high to read our 3X Crazy Marijuana Strain Review.

My friends are I are pretty much clowns to begin with. So if you give us weed we get a little crazy. Some of my friends more than others. It just so happens that my freind “Crazy Dave” introduced us to this strain. His name really is Crazy Dave. It has been ever since we were kids.

Well he went nuts when were teeenagers. And he was put in the nut house, seriously. Drugs really messed him up. He was  trying to call the President of the Untied States. However he was not successful. But luckily for him and the rest of the sane world his mother heard the phone calls.

When she told Dave that she was nervous and was going to call the cops if he didn’t relax, he said, “No worries Mom I will call them.” So he did. And they came and hauled him away. Now, this weed strain is crazy, 3X Crazy, but not as crazy as “Crazy Dave.”

3X Crazy Marijuana Strain Review

3X Crazy Marijuana Strain ReviewThis is considered an Indica dominant strain. But its really very close to a 50-50 split with Sativa. It has nice levels of THC ranging from 15% to 21%. It was born of Grandaddy Purple, OG Kush and Bubba Kush. So you know it s going to be strong and yummy. And it is.

This is a complicated strain that acts both cerebally and on the body. The body buzz is its claim to fame. And the mental high is actually a very clear headed experience. The brain is focused and accute. All this while the body buzzes and slips into a nice deep state of relaxation.

The tastes are very interesting. It is fruity yet earthy. There are coffee bean overtones and a strong Lemony punch. They all combine to make a sort of sweet and sour type aroma.

In closing our 3X Crazy Marijuana Strain Review I would simply say that this strain is best for those who suffer stress and anxiety and do not really want the overwhelming cloudy brain. No one wants to turn out like “Crazy Dave” afterall.