What kind of a day are you going to have? Choose a dreamy one. Today is the day you realize your dreams. And you can merrily, merrily merrily drift through your afternoon like a little boat down a trickling stream. ThisĀ 360 Chocolate Medical Edible Review is all you need leave the stress behind you. This chocolate medicine is packed with 360mg of THC, broken down into 60mg bite sized bars. 60mg is enough to get an elephant high. The whole bar would get the entire herd stoned. Day Dreamers have created a real Dreamcatcher with this candy bar that is hard to beat. If you like a potent medical edible you have come to the right place.

360mg of Powerful THC

360 Chocolate Medical Edible Review 1I was having an uncharacteristically stressful morning. So I decided to eat a bar. It was really good. So I ate another. That is 120mg of dream inducing goodness. I didn’t feel anything for over a half hour, except the anxiety of wanting to feel something. Then it hit. It was nice. And for about 20 minutes I was feeling a good strong high. Then it went into warp speed and I drifted out the window to a far far away magical place.

I have never been so stoned in my entire life. So, I left work. Because I simply could not take anything serious. I had a fit of laughter that I could not suppress. Oh, and I work at a burn centre. They brought in an old lady who had spilled hot tea on herself. She was in agonizing pain and her skin was melting off her face. She screamed, “Why me?” And I don’t know why that struck me as funny. But I burst out in hysterical laughter in front of everyone. I had to turn and run out the back door to my car. But I was in no shape to drive. So I ran into the woods.

The river looked so inviting I stripped off all my clothes and jumped in head first. It felt great even though it was mid January and the snowy banks and ice chunked river washed over me and tingled my every cell. I loved it. When I finally washed up on a bank I was 430 miles down river with no clothes. I did not mind. In fact I felt fantastic. I crawled out of the water and laid in the snow gazing at the stars for a few hours. Then I found some leaves to cover my naughty bits and took a $280 cab back to my house. I was so refreshed. I still don’t know how I didn’t freeze to death or at least get frost bite. But I was fine.

360 Chocolate Medical Edible Review

Nothing beats a good high dose edible. The really good ones don’t have that stale cannabis taste. Although, its tough to cover the cannabis taste completely when the THC levels are very high. And 360mg of THC is about as good as it gets. Plus, you can break off 60mg chunks to help micro dose your intake. 60mg is hardly close to a micro dose. But compared to 360mg you get the point.

This is purely a recreational edible. Of course, it has medical merit. But a chocolate bar of this caliber is generally for fun. I find this dessert very fairly priced at $17.00. That is a lot of bang for the buck. Dreamcatcher is one of the better chocolate bars I have enjoyed for both taste and power. All of the products I have tried from Day Dreamers are high quality and consistent in power. That makes for a great edible.