24K Gold is one of the gold standards of a great cannabis hybrid. So this is like finding a POT of gold at the end of a rainbow ha! This hybrid strain is also known as Kosher Tangie which is a blend of a dominant Indica of 60% and 40% Sativa. So this herb is very potent with a THC level from 18% to 24%. People who have just started toking should be careful.

Wherefore I believe it should be used by experienced smokers. This happy herb will let loose feelings of happiness, relaxation and euphoria. With it’s strong citrus flavor it makes for a fine tasting smoke indeed. This herb for me brings on strong feelings of reflection and nostalgia, which you will see in my 24K Gold Review.

Sensual Blonde Red Lips Posing24K Gold Review

I ran away at the age of 12 because an abusive alcoholic father and conjoined twin mother’s who were always bickering. So I joined the traveling Binkley and Buckton Circus. I was employed setting up the big top tent. My fellow workers were a mix of drifters and grifters. A motley crew to say the least.


I made many good friends especially the members of  freak sideshow. The ringmaster Spanky Buttons was an angry midget that was always running around screaming at everyone, including the animals.

So one day as I was cleaning the giraffe pen job for which was not happy with. When I witnessed the bearded lady Mildred .. Spanky’s girlfriend, making out with Ostrichman … Barney Flimptf. Let me tell you there were some feathers flying.

I crawled under the giraffe and was telling them it was not right, them not telling Spanky the truth. Spanky Buttons appeared and accused me of trying to have a threesome with Mildred the bearded lady and Ostrichman. So that was the final straw. I quit and went to Harvard and got my degree in Physics. 

Beautiful Bohemian Woman Sunset

Good as Gold

2K Gold is one of the gold standards of herbage. It has all the body and cerebral elements you will require for your needs.

24K Gold is great for the treatment of insomnia , stress, depression, pain and appetite loss.

It sure brought back some vivid memories for me!!