22Kt Gold Lava Stone Pipe ReviewAloha, my friends. If you want the “No Ka Oi”(the very best), you have come to the right place. Celebration Pipes is the world famous Hawaiian producer of unique Lava Stone Pipes. Theres no other handcrafted pipe like it anywhere else in the world. These are any collector’s must haves. Best of all they, they work fantastically. Therefore I proudly present you with today’s 22Kt Gold Lava Stone Pipe Review.

I was lucky enough to try one of these many years ago while visitng an old girlfriend on the island of Oahu. It was one of the best trips I have ever had. Well it didn’t go so well with Stephanie. But everything else was perfect. I would highly recommend that you go there if you ever get the chance. Just watch out if you meet a red head named Stephanie. Shes bat shit crazy.

As soon as I landed I ran down to Turtle Bay on the North Coast, and jumped in the crystal clear water. Life was good. I walked up to a Tiki bar and grabbed a beer. Ten minutes later I was getting stoned with a couple locals. We used a Lava Stone PIpe. It was the coolest pipe I had ever seen.

22Kt Gold Lava Stone Pipe Review

22Kt Gold Lava Stone Pipe ReviewFirst of all, these pipes retail for around $109 dollars. With the exception of their special 22Kt Gold model. This retails for $139 dollars. Therefore, a $30 dollar bump up for a gold bowl is, in my opinion, a superb deal. Trust me, none of your friends have one of these. And when they see yours they will be incredibly envious. I have a bunch of friends that have purchased one. And they all love it.

They fire the pipe at 2,350 dergees, hancraft it meticulously and sign each one for its authenticy. As you know, its gold plated in 22Kt Gold. Gold is an excellent conductor of heat so your sweet buds burn super evenly. These guys have been doing this for over 40 years. So, you kow the are reputable. Also, you get a bad ass velvet and satin carry bag. Even more, you get a cool gift box. And trust me, these make the perfect gifts.

22Kt Gold Lava Stone Pipe Review – Summary

Get one today. Its that simple. You will love it and so will all your friends. Aloha.