100-kush-reviewDirect from Tinseltown by way of San Fernando ! $100 Kush is a star and should have it’s leaf on the Hollywood walk of fame !The star power comes from 50/50 blend of OG Sativa and Indica that leans slightly on the Indica side. So this powerful $100 Kush is for the experienced smoker. Most times one hit is all you will need to put you in a very different frame of mind. OG has the reputation of being very potent, also some samples of $100 Kush have tested as high as 24%. This percentage puts it up with some of the most powerful marijuana strains in the whole world. In $100 Kush Review – Heavy Hollywood Hitter we will explore the allure of this truly outstanding Hollywood herb. Although it origins are from northern California !


Word is $100 a slightly Indica dominant herb. $100 Kush derived it’s name from the price. At $100 for an eight and the potency is 100% power packed. This plant grows some full dark green buds with a strong also with a sweet skunky aroma, with a nice coating of clear yellowish crystals and abundant fine red hairs. This Kush is great for leisurely days, moreover it is very relaxing but yet invigorating because of the Indica and Sativa blend.


The medicinal use of this powerful strain are many. Pain reduction with alleviating tremors and spasms for physical ailments. Also great for improving appetite. On the cerebral side this can be very relaxing and is useful for anxiety and depression. Today many millions of people suffer with insomnia. Prescription medications have many side effects including depression, this can be highly addictive. $100 Kush is also an excellent natural way of getting a good nights sleep. Without the need for man made pharmaceuticals. Decerning experienced smoker will enjoy for sure. Just one hit and you will know why !

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